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AE ENTERPRISE (AE EXIM), INDIA (AE GROUP) & PRAVENTURE INTERNATIONAL (PVT) Ltd, SRILANKA are a Joint Venture Company and has been in the tea providing industry for the past 8 years. We are a medium company with over 40 employees and our main client base for exports is in the Middle East and the African continent.

We proudly export Ceylon Tea and we have had our brand name equated with quality both locally and internationally because of the quality of our tea. We are a diversified business, and with being diversified comes a vast amount of experience over many years in business and management. Our technical knowledge is unsurpassed by any in the field. We match these with our young and dynamic staff and our exceptional tea, to bring the best to our customer whose daily requirements we understand very well. We put our experience to good use by taking the time to understand our client and what they want. This has stood us in good stead through the years.

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Working together with leading brokers and growers, our team makes doubly sure to source the best Teas and ingredients in the market.


Our skilled team of tea tasters and state-of-the-art blending equipment harmonise in bringing the best blends out to the international marketplace.


From tea bags to tea cartons, gift presentations as well as gourmet tea chests our extensive packing infrastructure is compliant with international health and safety standards.


Serving the greatest tea in Ceylon!

We are AE ENTERPRISE, INDIA & PRAVENTURE INTERNATIONAL (PVT) Ltd, SRILANKA, the provider of the greatest tea in Ceylon. We bring you the tastiest, most aromatic teas this side of heaven, and we give you many options to choose from. Our teas come from the 6 tea-growing areas of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), and we have all types of blends from high to low-grown region, full-bodied to light and delicate tastes, and dark to golden leaves. Ceylon tea comes from 6 main areas, namely Dimbula, Uva, Uda Pussellawa, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Ruhuna, and we have sourced the most high-quality teas for our discerning customers in Sri Lanka and around the world.


Sri Lanka has a long history of tea production, having started growing tea during the British rule in the country. It is Sri Lanka that held the reputation for the world’s best tea during the 19th and 20th centuries, and we still maintain high standards in the tastes of our teas. Our upcountry environment in the tea plantations make for amazing quality tea that is unsurpassed by anyone, and the low country tea has a unique taste much beloved by our clients in Middle Eastern and CIS regions.


GREEN TEA – The healthiest option of all. Green tea is packed with goodness that will help you to keep healthy and happy.

BLACK TEA – Black tea gives the strongest tea flavour and retains the flavour the longest and is a preferred variety among tea connoisseurs.

ESSENSE TEA – For those who like the stronger tea flavour, the essence tea range carries tea that has been infused with the oil from the leaves, thus fortifying the taste and aroma.

CEYLON TEA – The best of the best, Ceylon tea has its own unique taste that generations around the world have loved


Tea is known for its taste, but it also has many benefits, and we work round-the-clock to ensure you have the most beneficial variety of tea in front of you. Your happiness and safety are of paramount importance to us.


Tea drinking has been a popular pastime for many of the planet’s inhabitants for centuries. It has tantalized taste buds for so long, that many forget there is health benefits to tea drinking. Here at Company, we are firmly invested in providing high quality teas that are healthy for our valued clientele.

Tea carries antioxidants, helping you stay young and protected from harmful elements in the environment, such as UV rays. Normal tea carries up to 50% less caffeine than coffee does, while herbal varieties carry none, which means you will not have any side effects on your stomach and system that you would have with coffee. In fact, herbal teas calm your digestive system, not aggravate it.

Tea might have the capacity to stop heart attacks and strokes, and may even help weight loss and help protect bones. Green tea helps improve bone strength and bone mineral density. If you are an exercise-buff , tea helps boost endurance for your exercise routines. In addition, it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s in tea drinkers, irrespective of the gender.

Green tea can help process sugar faster, which is good news for diabetics. Black tea might be able to protect lungs from the negative effects of smoking. Also, if you are a tea drinker, you run a lower chance of losing your teeth as you age than your coffee- drinking or non-tea drinking counterparts do. It is also proven to have a boosting impact on your immune system and can help fight against cancer, especially the white tea variety, which has the most potent anticancer properties in comparison to the other teas.

And finally, unadulterated tea is calorie-free, so you can consume it on whichever diet you like, and is a good replacement for water if you would like a different beverage. Also, it is a great hydrating beverage, so you can stay refreshed through the day.

what we do?



Sri Lanka is usually synonymous with the game of cricket, sandy beaches, or invigorating Ceylon Tea. And most often it’s the Tea! Rightfully so, because in the world of Tea, we are the best! Not only is Sri Lanka considered the largest auction centre in the world but it’s also one of the oldest running auctions.

Our Company’s sourcing process begins a week in advance of the auctions. Our very own Tea tasters evaluate pre-auction samples sent in by reputed Tea brokers. Next, the choicest samples get flagged for selection at the auctions. The Teas that are selected and purchased at the auctions are then readied for our unique processes.


There’s an old saying that if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, you’re probably borderline insane. NOT TRUE! Here at our Company, we firmly believe, on the contrary, that practice makes perfect. And that’s why we’ve kept busy at producing masterful blends of Tea day in, day out, for the past twenty-something years. Add onto that an ensemble of state-of-the-art facilities and high-skilled human expertise and presto! We also thought it’d be worth mentioning that we are taking technology seriously and feel it’s important to stay on top of things. We’ve invested in a modern vertical blender (i.e. tower blender), which gives us more efficiency in blending Teas than the traditional methods. The tower is part of a blending system that features dust extractors, vibro sifters that enables us to achieve uniform Tea particle sizes, and electromagnets to remove any metallic impurities.


Ah, packaging! As trendy or as fastidious as it can get sometimes, it’s invariably handy and very much essential for a choice Tea product.

So what’s all the fuss about ‘packaging’ you ask? It acts as a shield, protecting Tea from the elements till the right time for it to find its way to your cup. And boy, don’t we have a lot to protect it from — air, light, dust, moisture, microbes, bad vibes, etc. We also think it’s super important to be able to steal that first glance as first impressions say a lot in the marketing world; which is why we at our Company take our packaging very seriously. And it’s certainly a central process in the stream of value-added activities we excel in.


So you might have figured by now that our Company is an export-exclusive operation producing and marketing our own brands internationally. Did you also know that our customised packaging business is constantly expanding as we deal with a growing number of foreign clientele? Well, now you do! Let us also state that, all in all, our grip on international exports presently spans across most quarters of the world, but this sure doesn’t mean that we’re done exploring — our goal is to become a borderless Tea exporter, in true globalised fashion. We’re an ambitious bunch. Wish us luck! And if you want to do business, get in touch with us – we would love to talk to you!

what we have


Our Company offers a wide selection of Ceylon tea, tea products, and tea packaging options that combine contemporary designs with cutting-edge technology, and cost-efficient delivery systems.
The purpose of blending is to maintain near-identical quality and strength throughout the year. Customers who require Garden Packed originals are supplied accordingly. Speciality teas for the preparation of iced tea, spiced tea, herbal and fruit flavoured teas can all be supplied from our in-house facilities. These teas can be supplied in bulk or as pre-packaged formats including a variety of tea bags, tins, gift sets and tea caddies.

We have undertaken private label packaging assignments for large international brands, like Bag Lady Teas among others. We merge modern packaging technology–such as foil liners, laminated cartons– with traditional and eco-friendly materials like heat-treated and handcrafted wooden boxes to increase the shelf life of our products to ensure they retain freshness and natural aroma.
Our aim is to offer unique products with customizable packaging options to satisfy every need.



The “AndromA” brand is our most prized brand under the company International umbrella. We are committed to choosing the best blends of teas to satisfy all tea lovers around the world. Knowing our customers the way we do, we are always committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, which is backed by our superior service that is responsive to any market condition. The brand brings together the most flavourful and tasteful teas, coupled with excellent service, so that you can get your daily dose of tea easily. “AndromA” our best cup of tea.