Our Leadership

A company’s ability to innovate—to tap into fresh, value-creating ideas of its employees and those of its partners, customers, suppliers, and other parties beyond its own boundaries, is a core driver of growth, performance, and valuation.

At the AE Group, innovation and a culture of excellence are practiced in all aspects of management, starting at the leadership. The AE Group is guided by a multinational Board of Directors led by our Founder. The Board comprises of 8 Directors, from different nationality, each one responsible for strategic oversight of a key function of the Group.

Our Founders Gaurav Tripathi have continued to innovate and lead the way for the AE Group in its pursuit of excellence.

Managing Partners

Priyambada Yadav

Rajiv Reddy

Marudhachala Murthy

Kunal Patel


Vishal Joshi

Kartic Ramesh


Kartik Elamvazhuthi

Dr. Dilip

Vishal Singh

Dr. Dinesh


Sreeram Yuvarajan

Santhosh Raj